Public Garden #0 – trailer

Public Garden #0 – Parco Pertini, Bologna

A first glance on Novissimo Bestiario new project on common spaces.

This video has been taken from the performance of the 18th July at Pertini Park, produced by Novissimo Bestiario for the 1st edition of All’Improvviso Festival.

Ground Maze it’s a new serial performance which will be create in site specific in such places as neighbourhood gardens, malls and concrete roads: to resume, in all the places that are became ordinary in all western countries.


Francesca Burzacchini, Ottavio Fabi, Caterina Mocciola, Erisa Halimi, Alessia Tantillo

Mephistofelic assistents
Facilitation: Alessandra Mercorella, Sabrina Capponi
Live video output: Gianni Trudu
Live sound: Alessandro Gallerani
Live camera and directions: Fedra Boscaro

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